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Artide Studio is a startup in the audiovisual sector

Our mission is to offer innovative solutions in step with the rapid changes of the creative and digital industry 

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From event production to audiovisual and broadcast production

between creativity and innovation


Creative and executive production of and for events;

marketing strategies, graphics and content creation.



Multi-camera production up to 4K with specialized operators

and live direction;

distribution of signals for television, satellite or streaming.



Creative development, production, post-production of audiovisual and cinematographic content for events, brands and advertising.



Hardware and software systems for live productions in critical scenarios; audio-video automation; workflow.


Integrated Infrastructures

Proprietary cloud infrastructures for the distribution of audio and video content; development of customized video players, web TV, web radio and DOOH automation; customized systems for meetings and web conferences



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Artide is an innovative startup born with the aim of keeping up with the rapid changes of the creative and digital industry, becoming a point of reference in the multimedia panorama.​

At the basis of our mission is the constant commitment to innovation and the search for solutions that accompany the customer on a unique multimedia journey.

With a disruptive approach we constantly try to anticipate market needs also through research into cutting-edge processes and tools.

We believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation, working closely with our clients.

We base our work on three fundamental pillars: efficiency, reliability and customization.

We know how important it is for our customers to have solutions that are not only efficient, but also reliable and tailored to their specific needs. 

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The audiovisual avant-garde


We explore the new frontiers of digital to provide our customers with advanced solutions in audiovisual services.

An agile and competitive workflow is created by the best technology partners, state-of-the-art equipment, and top-of-the-line services.

Our pillars for your projects


We transform every moment into productivity, ensuring that a project is completed as best as possible in the shortest time possible.


Our promise is simple: when you entrust us with a task, you can count on us to complete it with precision and dedication.


Every story is unique, and so should every project. Each solution is customized to perfectly reflect the client's vision. 


Eco-sustainability and Transparency


  • Reduction of the ecological footprint
    By eliminating the need for physical hardware, cloud solutions significantly reduce the production of electronic waste. We also use energy-efficient datacenters, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Resource optimization
    Thanks to the Cloud, we only use the resources you really need. Our customers can scale resources according to real needs, which results in less waste and greater efficiency.
  • Work remotely
    Cloud solutions contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by promoting remote working and production, which reduces the need for travel and transportation.
  • Constant communication
    We keep in constant communication with our customers, answering their questions and solving their tasks promptly.
  • Inclusive decision making
    When we make decisions that may affect our customers, we actively involve them in decision making through brainstorming sessions. Our goal is to find the perfect solution, both from the point of view of service and for the customer's overall satisfaction.
  • Impartiality in decisions
    Each customer, regardless of their size, is treated with the same level of equity. The decision-making process should be guided by objective criteria, while avoiding favoritism or discrimination.

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